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SquareLoop technology can give college administrators and emergency personnel the means to communicate and target messages to college students using their cell phones.

Communications tools are proliferating and no where faster than on college campuses. The challenge for college administrators is to keep up with modern communications trends to deliver critical information to students, faculty and staff.

Its Not Just SMS

Anyone can broadcast an SMS message to college students. SquareLoop’s Mobile Alert Network platform allows critical messages to rise above the noise with sender defined alert tones to ensure that recipients pay attention to critical messages. Hearing impaired students can take advantage of special vibrating cadences to ensure they do not miss potentially lifesaving messages.

Student looking at emergency alert

Its Not Broadcast, It Is Location Specific

Of course, blasting irrelevant messages is the fastest way to develop “Alert Fatigue” where recipients ignore all messages because too many did not apply. Geographically targeting messages when appropriate can increase the relevancy of each message sent and minimize the onset of Alert Fatigue. SquareLoop’s patented technology is the only solution that enables delivery of messages based on current or past location while maintaining subscriber location privacy.

  • Notify students who are near a fire to remain indoors
  • Open a line of communication to students who may have been exposed to meningitis, even if that exposure happened in the past
  • Notify students who are in the path of a tornado or serious storm to seek shelter
  • Send different messages to subscribers down-wind of a chemical spill than those who are up wind
  • Advertise open tickets to sporting events for students and fans who are in the area

Its Not Just Life Saving, It Can Be Fun

Subscribers can select the type of information they wish to receive via the Mobile Alert Network. Special groups can be created to distribute interesting content to mobile phones such as sports information or happenings. Other groups can be created for students to send their own messages such as advertising their bands. Messages can not only include the details of the gig, but also a picture of the band and a clip of their music. 

Only SquareLoop's technology provides this much flexibility into one package.

Student Showing Mobile Alert Network Message

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