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Its Not Just SMS

The award winning Mobile Alert Network® now allows healthcare workers to communicate patient information safely and securely with HIPAA compliant text messaging to standard mobile devices. Affordable and easy to implement, the Mobile Alert Network is the ideal pager replacement for today's healthcare worker.


OR nurse called to hospital using SquareLoop's HIPAA compliant encrypted text messaging.
HIPAA compliant encrypted text message sent with the Mobile Alert Network.

Key Features

  • HIPAA compliant encrypted text messaging - All messages are encrypted end-to-end providing a quick, yet safe and secure method to exchange patient information
  • Target your messages - Only the Mobile Alert Network enables geographic targeting of messages to mobile devices
  • Ensure messages are noticed - Only the Mobile Alert Network allows you to define the alert tone to ensure your messages stand out. Alert tones continue to play until the message is acknowledged
  • Provide actionable information - The Mobile Alert Network allows you to provide clearly worded instructions not limited by character limits and can include graphics
  • Message delivery status - Know when the message was received by the phone and when it was acknowledged by the recipient with true read receipts
  • Off-the-shelf phone support - In many cases, you can use phones you already own or standard off-the-shelf models
  • Highly reliable - SquareLoop maintains redundant high priority connections with carriers and aggregators
Securely Communicate To and From Computers and Mobile Devices
Send HIPAA compliant text messages via personal computer   Sent HIPAA compliant text messages via mobile phone
  • Computer client allows for sending and receiving messages to most personal computers
  • Administrators can view message activity
  • Mobile phone subscribers can send messages to individual subscribers or within a group
  • Provides advanced HIPAA compliant messaging to many off-the-shelf handsets
  • Quick text makes it easy to send common messages
  • Rapid Implementation - SquareLoop maintains all connections to wireless carriers so you do not have to
  • Easy Maintenance - SquareLoop's hosted solution provides automatic upgrades and maintenance - no separate maintenance charge
  • Easy Administration - Centrally maintained address book, subscriber accounts and quick text
  • No Capital Expenditure - SquareLoop maintains all servers and software in its hosted solution
  • Highly Reliable - SquareLoop maintains redundant high-priority connections with carriers and aggregators


Replace pagers and increase functionality using off-the-shelf mobile phones 

Nurse with notebook computer sending HIPAA compliant text messages

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