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How It Works

How It Works
Sending a message is a simple process. Messages can be sent through the Mobile Alert Network web-based interface or existing emergency management systems. The process of sending a message into the Mobile Alert Network can be broken down into three easy steps:

Step 1 Define Message - as simple as point, click, send. Designated users define message(s) and the target locations where the message(s) should be delivered. Predefined messages and locations simplify and standardize most messages to ensure clear and accurate phrasing

Step 2 Send Message - the target location is combined with the message and sent to subscribers through commercial cellular networks

Step 3 Receive Message - the message is received by a special program that subscribers easily download to their phones during the registration process for the Mobile Alert Network. The program determines where the phone is located and compares that with the target area in the message. If the phone is within the target area, the program displays the message with an audible alert

Message initiation can be done manually or programatically through an interface with existing systems. The system can accept XML interfaces in standard message templates or customized to meet individual client needs.

A white paper detailing our technology is available here.


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