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SquareLoop's technology is based on a technical approach developed by The MITRE Corporation. The original approach enabled the delivery of geographically targeted messages that utilized the intelligence of a wireless receiver to determine if the message was relevant. MITRE Technology Applied
Using this method, geographically targeted messages can be broadcast to multiple receivers and the receivers can filter messages based on many factors such as velocity, direction of travel, time as well as location. MITRE extended its patent portfolio to include the filtering of messages based on the previous location of the receiver so the approach can now deliver messages based on the current or past location of the receiver.

SquareLoop has exclusive world-wide rights to these patents. Focused on mobile phones, the first products are in the public safety, content delivery and mobile marketing spaces. The technology offers several advantages over traditional approaches for location-based services including:
  • Maintains subscriber location privacy - SquareLoop's broadcast approach to geographically targeting messages means that individual subscriber movements are not tracked
  • Works across carriers - SquareLoop's methodology for leveraging the intelligence inside of the handset to determine location will work across all wireless carriers including iDEN, GSM and CDMA based carriers
  • Leverages existing infrastructure - The software based methodology does not require any new hardware from carriers to operate. It leverages existing infrastructure and will even work on carriers that have not deployed commercial location-based services
  • Delivers based on current and past location - SquareLoop is the ONLY approach that can deliver messages based on current or past location that does not track subscriber locations

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